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E++ / Hydroelectric




E++ sets out to be a qualified Main Contractor and System Integrator in the design and construction of “turnkey” hydroelectric power plants.

Ranging from feasibility study to project financing, from design and construction of new plants to renovation and revamping projects, E++ produces turnkey hydroelectric power plants, working in partnership with the best manufacturers of turbines and components on an international scale and guaranteeing efficiency and performances in line with clients’ needs.

E++ avails itself of expertise and specialised tools for the preparation of the technical and economic feasibility study which shall provide clients with an overview of the preliminary situation, thus putting them in a condition to decide whether and how to construct their hydroelectric power plant.

The business plan model is developed by constantly updating the costs required to produce, manage and maintain the plant, taking into account the rates and incentives paid towards plants powered by renewable sources.
E++ offers the preparation of the business plan and economic-financial models in two stages:

+ preliminary feasibility business plan
+ business plan accompanying the final project

E++ deploys small plants with different technologies (Pelton, Francis and Kaplan): up to 10 MW mini hydro-power, micro hydro-power up to 100 Kw and Pico hydro, below 5 kW (suitable for small isolated users). These plants have low environmental and landscape impact.

E++ build new power plants by managing overall project implementation to provide turn-key solutions. We also specialize in revamping old plants by optimizing returns.

We develop internally automation systems for remote monitoring.
Our staff can deal with assistance and maintenance aspects of each plant installed.

+ Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
+ Plant management and control
+ After-sales support

Screw turbines are suitable for low heads (1.5 - 6 m) and medium flow rates (0.5 - 5 m³ / sec) sites. This type of technology can be applied, for example, to sewage treatment plants, irrigation canals and old mills renovations.

Turbines suitable for sites with low water heads (2.0 - 30 m) and medium- high flow rates (0.5 - 30 m3/sec), Kaplans are used on rivers or irrigation canals. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the blades, and the opening of wicket gate, these turbines are particularly suited to changes in the flow rate. A double-regulating turbine is able to run with good performances up to 20% of the rated flow rate, whereas a single- regulating turbine can do so up to 30% of the rated flow rate.

Turbines suitable for sites with medium water heads (15 - 120 m) and medium flow rates (0.25 - 5 m3/sec). The capacity to regulate the flow rate is only dependent on the degree of opening of the wicket gate. As it is a single-regulating type of machine, the Francis turbine is able to run with good performances up to 40% of the rated flow rate.

Turbines suitable for sites with high water heads (80 - 1,000 m) and medium-low flow rates (0.05 – 2 m3/sec). The wicket gate consists of one or more nozzles that may vary their opening depending on the change in the flow rate. A single-jet Pelton turbine is able to run with good performances up to 50% of the rated flow rate, whereas a five-jet turbine can do so up to 10% of the rated flow rate.

Turbine suitable for the widest combinations of water head and flow rate. It guarantees lower performances compared to a conventional turbine but, at the same time, the performance remains virtually stable with any changes in the flow rate.

Additional works, intakes and canals are essential for the functioning of the turbine. Sluices, trashracks, penstock and inlet valves: E++’s staff is able to identify the technical solution that is most suited to the characteristics of each single plant, analysing the context and providing the tools most fit for the purpose.

In proposing a turnkey service, E++ also takes care of the study and implementation of the civil works required to construct the plant’s building and which are essential for intakes and canals.

The electrical control and power system is a key element of a power plant and must necessarily be integrated with the turbine-generator unit for the perfect functioning of the plant.

The E++ staff is able to design, realize and install the control system providing clients with a fast solution to all the problems that may be encountered during the commissioning stage and, subsequently, during the plant’s management operations.

+ control system equipped with PLC and remotecontrol for remote monitoring and management ofthe plant
+ power distribution boards for the grid connectionand protection of the generator
+ LV/MV transformers, if any
+ electrical panels for the power supply of theplant’s electrical appliances
+ electric metering systems for tax purposes.

The renovation or “revamping” of a hydroelectric power plant, be it partial or total, is the ensemble of interventions made to restructure and modernize systems and electromechanical parts by replacing outdated or out of order equipments to significantly improve yields.

E++ srl offers this kind of service related to the renovation of plants on any type of turbine (Pelton, Francis and Kaplan) by replacing and renewing the following components:

+ generator
+ control and power electrical part
+ automation
+ mechanical and hydrodinamic systems
+ steering controls, interception and cleaning works such as gates and trashrakers.